Shambhavi Mishra

A leading Biostatistician of the Data Analysis Core Group (DACG), Shambhavi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, University of Lucknow since January 2016. Prior to this, she was Statistical Fellow in the department of Biostatistics & Health Informatics, SGPGI, Lucknow after obtaining her Master’s degree in Statistics from Lucknow University in 2011. During her fellow membership in SGPGI, she did enormous data analysis of a number of M.D.s, D.M.s. M.S.s and many more projects of Postgrads using Statistical Software especially SPSS and STATA. She also assisted a major Project entitled “Prevalence of Oral Pre Cancer in Urban Population of Lucknow District” in KG Medical University. She was also associated as Data Analyst in Community Empowerment Lab, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, USA. She presented twice the INDIA in Data Analysts’ Meets of WHO in Geneva as Indian delegate. She has published a number of research papers/ articles in journals at International Map of Biostatistics and also presently engaged to peruse her Ph.D. under the supervision of leading Statistician of Indian origin Prof. Sunil K Pandey. She has been invited to deliver a number of lectures / talks of bio/medical Statistics in various Medical Universities/ Institutes across the country including KG Medical University and RML. Being a founder member of the DACG, she is extending her expertise in Data Analysis particularly in biosciences and medical statistics to the clients of the group.