About Us

Data Analysis Core Group (DACG) is a team of faculties and Programmers of universities in INDIA with strong computational, mathematical and statistical skills who can provide advice on experimental design, programming, statistics and general biological and sociological data analysis

Data Analysis Core Group (DACG) provides a well-organized, efficient service to meet the needs of the Higher Education, government and corporate sectors. Operating on a local, regional and national basis, Data Analysis Core Group provides statistical and qualitative data analysis training and consultancy services.

Based in the Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) of INDIA, we have gained a first-class reputation in teaching especially SPSS software, R software and other Statistical packages for Data Analysis in almost all fields of fundamental and social sciences and other applied statistical analysis in various government and corporate sectors over the last two years. We are contracted to provide support to researchers of medical statistics, humanities and other social sciences projects. Qualified to the highest standards, we combine commitment and passion to provide the best possible service.

This year Data Analysis Core Group have provided qualitative data analysis training using SPSS software to officials of Uttar Pradesh Police to improve their performance throughout the state.

Please explore the website for a service to suit you. If you cannot find the specific service or support required, please call us on +91-94152-77411, email dataanalysiscoregroup@gmail.com, or contact us via our website and we will be delighted to help you.

How do I work with the Data Analysis Core Group?

You can make initial contact with any member of the DACG team to discuss the kind of challenge you are facing. If it is a quick question about how to do something, we can probably help you straight away.

Data Analysis Core Group (DACG) is your solution if you can relate to at least one of the following:

  • Do you need training in IBM SPSS Statistics to be able to generate the statistics yourself?
  • Do you need advice on the appropriate study design for your studies?
  • Do you need a statistician to work out the sample size needed and the power of your study?
  • Not sure of the correct statistics to use to effectively analyze your data?
  • Would you like a statistician’s opinion on your choice of statistics used?
  • Do you need understanding of statistical concepts to help you to understand the published statistics in health and medical journals?

Data Analysis Core Group (DACG) will provide you with a tailored, flexible consultancy service. We provide statistical education and support service. You will receive help with your ethics application, research design, sample size calculation, power calculation, the correct statistics to use, statistical analysis, and reporting of findings. 

We deliver public courses and site training. We will help you to develop and grow your publication profile.  We will simply empower you to excel, from whatever level you are currently at, to whatever level of statistical knowledge and understanding you plan to reach.

Who can work with the Data Analysis Core Group?

The majority of our collaborations are with colleagues in the Universities/Research Institutes, Government, and Private Sectors, but we are happy to talk to any scientist who is planning data-intensive experiments pertinent to data analysis.


Prof. R.K.Singh provides academic guidance. The team collectively discusses and decides project allocations.A management group exists with representatives of the major stakeholders in the DACG and this provides a strategic overview of the group.
Current members of the management group include Profs Rajeev Pandey (University of Lucknow), Madhulika Dube (B.B.A. University, Lucknow), Neeraj Tiwari (University of Kumaun), S.A Khan (Aligarh Muslim University), S.K.Kaushal (University of Lucknow) and Masood H. Siddiqui (Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow).


Our core funding is from the Trust GEETA EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIETY which pays for two members of the DACG. A third position is funded by a mixture of grants from VARIOUS PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS organized by DACG and smaller Trust grants awarded to collaborators of the DACG.

What our client says

” I would happily recommend this training; Prof. Rajeev was brilliant! He is a great teacher and his team knew the relevance of the subject and were able to apply their knowledge to my officers’ area of work and make it relevant to us.”