Arun Singh being the founder part of the Data Analytics Core Group (DACG) serves a role between academia and industry, solving problems too large and/or too applied for academia, and insufficiently profit-driven for Government and corporate sectors. ARUN knew as a postgrad that he liked proofs and pure analysis through Computers’ technology, but he also really wanted to solve real-world problems. He applied to “way too many” grad and postgrad schools in three different fields, eventually choosing Computer Programming and problem solving approaches,Web Designing and dynamic programming, Operating System, Computer Graphics and multimedia, Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture and Network security and cryptography in the hopes it would allow him to do both things—fortunately, this was true! The DACG was a great fit for ARUN because the group has a blend of research and applications, and he finds working on problems in the “national interest” very motivating. He has also been a member of faculties in Goel Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow.

Presently, he is engaged with the motivation to pursue his Ph.D. work under the supervision of Dr. Punnet Misra, a core faculty of high esteem in the Department of Computer Science, University of Lucknow, INDIA.

ARUN has always had an interest and an aptitude for problem solving and had been associated to complete various Projects especially TulasiHealthDrugbrandsEpimap247Epimap247 MobileApp,  UPBVN (Uttar Pradesh Beej Vikas Nigam) (A dynamic and Content management System) and many more. The major Project “Web Content Management System (WCMS)” was also carried by Arun involving a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users to create and manage website content with ease of PHP, HTML, Java script, JQuery &  MYSQL. The technologies of Visual Basic 6.0, ADODC-ODBC connection, Microsoft Office Access and WINDOWS XP OS were also applied by Arun in the Project “Accounting and Inventory Management System of Roorkee Survey House” which was aimed to design an automated tool that generate the QUOTATION REPORT as customer’s requirement and after approval of QUOTATION place the order and manages client accounting details. A software involving C language, Full Graphics Support 16-bit Environment, File Handling Connection, Windows File System and WINDOWS XP OS was also developed by Arun for keeping the records of the medicines for a medical agency in the Medical Shop Inventory System (MSIS). In the group, ARUN drives research efforts in large-scale visualization, data compression and streaming, and sophisticated analysis methods by providing his skills to other members of DACG.