Dr. Varun k Kashyap

Dr. Varun K Kashyap, an Assistant Professor in Department of Community Medicine, HAMDARD INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES AND RESEARCH NEW DELHI is founder member of the Data Analysis Core Group. His responsibilities there are to teach subjects and guide in Data analysis, Ph.D. thesis Analysis, Research Paper Analysis, Projects Analysis, and Students Projects Analysis.

Prior to this, he has been member of faculties in Department of Statistics, University of Lucknow, India and in BabaSaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Central University, Lucknow teaching undergraduate and postgraduate classes especially Official Statistics, Design of Experiment, Linear model, Vital statistics, computer programming and other applied branches of Statistics. Varun found the attraction of statistical modelling in Anti-Cancer activities and completed his Ph.D. entitled “Development of linear and non-linear statistical Quantitative Structure Activity relationship model for virtual screening of potential lead compounds” under the supervision of Prof. Rajeev Pandey (A Data Scientist) from University of Lucknow in 2015. He worked on Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine for the development of QSAR model for anticancer activity of gossypol acetic acid against anticancer target BCL2 data.

A number of invited lectures on Efficiency of ANN and SVM QSAR model for Lung cancer cell has been delivered at various medical and biomedical institutes. He published a number of research papers especially in various statistical modelling for the development of QSAR model for anti-cancer activities in various journals of International repute.

His involvement in stochastic behavior of a system with patience time for regular repairman and Mathematical Behavior of a System with Failures due to Machinery Defects and Random Shocks is of also keen interest of reliability theory and quality control and he published papers in international journals of high impact with the Joint authorship of Dr. Mukesh Kumar, an Associate Professor in GLA University, Mathura, India.

He supervised more than Two hundred research projects of nutritional status as well as more than Fifty Ph.D. dissertations of humanities, social sciences and fundamental sciences during his stay in Lucknow as a data analyst using a number of statistical software SPSS, R, STATA, SAS and other machine learning techniques and algorithms.

His immense desire to keep abreast in the cutting edge of drug discovery brought him to the HAMDARD INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES AND RESEARCH, NEW DELHI.