Prof. Neeraj Tiwari

A leading Statistician and Data Scientist of DACG in the lower Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand, Neeraj is presently holding the Position of Professor and Head in the Department of Statistics, S.S.J. Campus of Kumaun University, INDIA. After completing his Postgrad from University of Lucknow and Ph.D. under the guidance of an International Professor of eminence in the field of Design of Experiments, Prof. A. K.Nigam, he moved to Muzaffarnagar in the Wester Uttar Pradesh and started his career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics of S.D.P.G.College. For his keen interest as a Data Analyst, he has been conferred on Postgrad Diploma in Computer Science by the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow and consequent upon, he resumed the teaching position in the department of Statistics in University of Kumaun in the year 1995.

He has contributed more than eighty research papers in various journals of National and International repute and published three books for high dimensional research in the field of Applied Statistics. He has been invited to deliver many special lectures in more than forty national and international conferences and workshops including USA, China, Czech Republic, I.S.I. Kolkata, I.A.S.R.I. New Delhi, I.I.M. Banglore and many more. He has also been continuously invited for delivering lectures in Central University of Rajasthan, H.N.B.Garhwal Central University, F.R.I. Dehradun, A.S.C. Nainital and many other universities/research institutes of INDIA especially in the area of data analysis with core conceptual framework of Inferential Statistics. More than thirteen students have been awarded Ph.D. degrees in Statistics and Information Technology under his supervision. Three major projects of ICMR, UGC and Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology have also been successfully completed under the supervision of Neeraj.

His research interests are Sample Surveys, Sequential Analysis, Reliability and Life Testing, Demography, Environmental Statistics, Geoinformatics, Health Geostatistics, Clustering and Soft Computing. He holds the position of Reviewer of various International and National journals including International Journal of Health Geographics, Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, International Journal of Environment Statistics, PLOS ONE, Hessetepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Statistics and Applications, Journal of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, Journal of Tropical Medicine and International Health etc. He is also holding the positions of Editors of international journals ‘InterStat’ and ‘Earth Sciences’.

He is member of Operational Research Society of India; Indian Society of Bayesian Statistics, India and several Academic Bodies all across the INDIA. He is an expert member of the Public Service Commissions of UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand and others provinces.

As a key member of the DATA ANALYSIS CORE GROUP (DACG), Neeraj is extending his expertise in GIS, Remote Sensing, SPSS, SYSTAT and R software to a number of researchers of universities and other research institutions of government and corporate sectors across the country.